Definitions for "TPR"
A thermoplastic rubber material commonly used to produce outsoles.
Thermo plastic rubber is often used to provide durability and stability.
General purpose thermal rubber. Light weight and flexible in lower temperatures.
Termination of Parental Rights; A court order severing parental rights from the biological parents based on the parents failure to comply with the case plan.
Termination of parental rights. See subch. VIII of ch. 48, Wisconsin Statutes.
Terminationof Parental Rights. If family reunification has been ruled out and adoption is a possibility for the child, the Department may petition (request) for termination of parents’ rights to the child. If the court terminates parental rights it means the child is free for adoption. It also means that your biological parents have no legal rights pertaining to you anymore. (They don’t have access to information about you, don’t work with your caseworker anymore, etc.)
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Total Physical Response. Barmy methodology, in which the students act out instructions from the teacher. Still in vogue, so worth droning on about if you want to look keen.
Total peripheral resistance. The resistance to blood flow imposed by the arteries and arterioles of the peripheral (systemic) circulation; also called "peripheral resistance"
Total Physical Response. A language teaching technique based on the use of multiple modalities, especially physical activity. Physical activity is used to enhance retention of the target language.
medical abbreviation for temperature, pulse, respiration.
Temperature, pulse and respiration.
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TRICARE Prime Remote. a special version of the TRICARE benefit for Active Duty Service Members and their eligible family members who live and work away from military installations.
Third Party Resources. See: Third Party Liability
Technology and Pedagogical Resources committee
temporary price reduction. A short-term price reduction to increase sales of a product for a specific time period.
TEMPORARY PRICE REDUCTION. Promotional action by manufacturers to reduce prices to increase sales during a limited period of time.
The rating for a particular time period, regardless of the show being telecast.
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Time Pattern Regime(s)
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The Perl Review.
Transaction processing routine.