Definitions for "Home study"
report prepared by a private social worker, contracted by DOCS, or a DOCS District Officer, assessing the suitability of applicants to become adoptive parents
Investigation carried out by an employee of the state or government agency in which the state attempts to clarify if the adoptive family of a child is acceptable.
Sometimes called "adoption study." Written report by a social worker to help the court determine if prospective foster or adoptive parents are qualified. In developing the home study, a social worker meets with prospective parents several times, visits the home to inspect the accommodation and check for safety features, and investigates medical, family, and criminal backgrounds. If other people live in the home in addition to the prospective parents, they are also investigated.
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Home Warranty
a course of study carried out at home rather than in a classroom
See " Individualized study."
a mode of learning that does not require the learner to leave home in order to study.
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a review of you, your spouse, and anyone else living in your home
a review of you, your spouse, or anyone else residing in your home
Method of instruction designed for students who live at a distance from the teaching institution. Instructional materials are provided to the student through various media with structured units of information, assigned exercises for practice, and examinations to measure achievement, which in turn are submitted to the teaching institution for evaluation, grade assignment, and the awarding of credit.
a process of education and self-evaluation
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a vital part of your U
Observation of the condition of a home over a period of time