Definitions for "Casa"
Court Appointed Special Advocates are volunteers who receive special training to bring information about an abused or neglected child's welfare to the attention of the court. Different programs have varying requirements, but most CASAs visit their assigned children on a regular basis, write reports to the court, and inform the judge of what they consider to be in the best interests of the child. In some states they may be referred to as Guardians ad Litem, even though they are not attorneys.
Court Appointed Special Advocates. Non-attorneys who work in aid of children in foster care.
an independent voice, advocating on behalf of one particular child
Construcciones Aeronauticas SA
a premier housewares and interior design company located in downtown Hanoi on picturesque Nha Tho Street
Casa is the second album by Mexican pop-rock singer Natalia Lafourcade, using the name Natalia y La Forquetina (the name of her band). Casa was released in 2005.
an independent voice, not part of an agency that may be constrained by rules and regulations, agency policies and fiscal limitations
a United Way agency and is grateful for generous and ongoing support from the United Way of Larimer County , the Fort Collins Newcomers Club Alumni
California Association of Sewer Agencies
Commonwealth Air Safety Authority
Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia).
Civil Aviation Safety Authority is the Australian government agency that regulates all non military aircraft, pilots, airports and air spaces.
A multi-source/multi-room audio control system, that can be controlled from a hand held IR (infra red) remote, or through an in-wall keypad. It is designed to offer a high quality permanent audio installation, reliably and independently serving many rooms in one home through a simple yet powerful user-interface.
Chicago Air Shower Array
Clean Air Strategic Alliance is a multi-stakeholder society sponsored by the Departments of Health, Energy, and Environment which provies a forum to discuss and address issues related to air quality in the province.
a conference and project management service based in the School of Sciences and Technology (SciTech) at the University of Sussex
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A house or mansion.
House'' or ``home'' in Spanish.
Small house (Spanish from Latin, cottage [1844])
Coordinated Community AIDS Service Alternative. A Medicaid waivered program that provides living arrangement options to persons with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or Disabled Class IV Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) disease, who are at risk of hospitalization. CASA clients may live at home, in an ARC, or an AFH. See Long Term Care - N. - Waivered Services
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a new shop just opened in Chalk Farm Road (near Camden Town, London)
Chilean Adoption Support Association
Content Aware Services Architecture. CASA is a protocol designed to allow network appliances to selectively control the flow of IP packets through a router, switch, or other network device.
Clinic Assessment Software Application
Computer-assisted Semen Analysis