Definitions for "Cottage"
A small house; a cot; a hut.
Loosely used term to describe many styles of small family homes, traditionally rural
a small house with a single story
From the Latin "British sissy synonymus to shackus or campus": A rondevouz point for friends of PHLUX and Stu. A un-centrally heated non-plumbing-enabled camp in the middle of an undisclosed Methodist Campground. Almost uninhabitable unless it happens to be summer or spring. Similar is usage and image to The Shack and The Camp. Believed storage facility of Porkshire and The Great Totum Pole.
a fully detached, self-contained residence of individual style with own yard and carport.
Single family attached or detached home located on a retirement campus.
Mass-produced furniture popular in the mid-19th century, originating in functional demands rather than in display. Usually painted white, pale lilac or blue and often enhanced with fruit and floral motifs or abstract curvilinear designs. Turned legs and split backs are common characteristics.
A colorful, comfortable look characterized by painted and/or decorated furniture with graceful lines, textural elements like baskets, beadboard walls and natural fiber rugs and window shades, weathered finishes and colors taken straight from a lush flower garden. More info
a caravan with the wheels taken off
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Term for a cruisy washroom.
a community owned organisation providing care and accommodation for aged and disabled persons in the Kandos Rylstone and surrounding District
a wonderfully flexible base to explore an area, and many people would never stay anywhere else
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an investment that you hope to have forever
Public toilet. Not used much today except by older men.
A public lavatory frequented by homosexuals.
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