Definitions for "Bed and Breakfast"
Scoring 26 points in one throw with a 20, a 5 and a 1; because, in England, the traditional bed and breakfast price was two pounds and sixpence
Now no longer allowed, it was an overnight UK tax related maneuver intended to establish a tax loss benefit.
an overnight boardinghouse with breakfast
The sale of shares one day, and their repurchase the next day, done to achieve a disposal for Capital Gains Tax purposes. This did have the effect, until 17th March 1998 of rebasing share value and using the annual CGT exemption so as not to produce a highly taxable gain in the future. Since that date at least 30 days must now elapse between the sale and repurchase for the practice to be effective so the level of risk is normally considered to be too great.
The practice of selling a share or unit trust and buying it back the next day to establish a disposal for capital gains tax calculations.
Now obsolete overnight UK capital gains tax related manoeuvre intended to establish a tax loss benefit.
Located in a house, provides housekeeping and all includes all meals served in the dining area of the house. No banquet or meeting facilities provided. Parking may be limited.
a two hundred year old stone colonial, has three working fireplaces, random width wood floors, wide windowsills, full of charm and atmosphere
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a proud sponsor of the Mountain Arts Council
an active member of many professional local and national organizations
an active member of several local travel and community organizations
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a little more expensive
a great alternative if you are a socialable person