Definitions for "Proud"
Feeling or manifesting pride, in a good or bad sense
Possessing or showing too great self-esteem; overrating one's excellences; hence, arrogant; haughty; lordly; presumptuous.
Having a feeling of high self-respect or self-esteem; exulting (in); elated; -- often with of; as, proud of one's country.
Proud is the debut solo album by Heather Small, lead singer of M People. The title track was released as the first single and became a hit worldwide. It featured prominently in episodes of both the UK and US TV Series of Queer as Folk and has appeared on a number of soundtracks.
"Proud: An Urban Pacific Streetsoul Compilation" is a compilation album released in Australia by Violation Records and later rereleased in New Zealand in 2000. Both releases have the exact same tracks in the same order.
having or displaying great dignity or nobility; "a gallant pageant"; "lofty ships"; "majestic cities"; "proud alpine peaks"
Incorrect use Confident, independent
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a novel for young adults
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To just protrude above the surface so it is sticking out a bit.
Excited by sexual desire; -- applied particularly to the females of some animals.