Definitions for "Colonial"
Referring to the period of time prior to the American Revolution.
Relating to a style of architecture or furniture common in the American colonies prior to, and during the Revolution. Read about decorating styles.
A term referring to furniture styles in use in colonies around the world during the great colonial period from the 16th to 19th centuries. Colonial furniture is characterized by a strong "mother country" influence balanced by the use of local materials and adapted to local needs.
composed of many distinct individuals united to form a whole or colony; "coral is a colonial organism"
1. Level of organization intermediate between unicellular and multicellular - organisms are composed of multiple cells but fail to exhibit specialization of those cells. Examples: Volvox, a colonial alga. Click HERE to view a series of images of Volvox. 2. Term applied to organisms that occur in a fixed location, with one generation growing atop previous generations, as in coral reefs.
Condition in which many unicellular organisms live together in a somewhat coordinated group. Unlike true multicellular organisms, the individual cells retain their separate identities, and usually, their own membranes and cell walls.
a group of plants of the same species, spreading by rhizome or rootstock
a. (Fr. colonial, from L. colonia, a colony) usually used to describe cloning by vegetative reproduction, the seemingly separate plants having arisen from rhizomes, stolons, or roots of a single or of neighboring "parent" plants.
forming colonies; used mainly for plants with underground connections.
Any two story home, traditional, contemporary, Tudor, cape cod or other.
A type of home design typified by two stories with a central hall and symmetrical window placement.
Dates back to historical New England. Two story home with a symmetrical façade. The main roof ridge will run parallel to the street. The main entry door is in the center of the façade, and windows are symmetrically placed on either side. The second level will have its windows symmetrically placed around the door as well. Additional wings might be "tacked-on" to the house proper. Bedrooms are typically on the second level.
The Colonial was a service of the Pennsylvania Railroad and New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad between Union Station in Washington, DC and South Station in Boston, Massachusetts. It was operated until 1973 by Amtrak.
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co·lo·nial Relating to, the period when California was a Spanish colony, part of New Spain or Nueva España, between 1769 and 1821.
Relating to a colony or colonies.
of or relating to or characteristic of or inhabiting a colony
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'bloody right'
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of animals who live in colonies, such as ants
Said of animals that live together as an interconnected unit.
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Of or pertaining to a colony; as, colonial rights, traffic, wars.
The status of a planet which is populated, but which is not operational.
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a resident of a colony
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The term colonial describes a nation that holds colonies