Definitions for "Tudor"
Keywords:  elizabeth, vii, henry, monarchs, reign
Of or pertaining to a royal line of England, descended from Owen Tudor of Wales, who married the widowed queen of Henry V. The first reigning Tudor was Henry VII.; the last, Elizabeth.
See perpendicular style.
The style period from 1485-1600 in England. A small number of chests, cupboards, and chairs are all that have survived from this era. King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I are the best-known Tudor monarchs.
Keywords:  tewdwr, tudur, forename, welsh, surname
The surname Tudor, within the United Kingdom, originates from the Welsh forename Tewdwr or Tudur.
Pertaining to or characteristics of the periods of the reins of the Tudor Sovereigns, 1500-1550.
Keywords:  extrados, span, arch, beneath, rise
A pointed, four-centered arch of medium rise-to-span ratio whose four centers are all beneath the extrados of the arch.
Property built between approximately 1485 -1550.