Definitions for "outhouse"
Keywords:  outbuilding, privy, pit, kybo, holer
A small house or building at a little distance from the main house; an outbuilding.
A small building with one or more seats and a pit underneath, intended for use as a toilet; a privy.
Toilet. Same as latrine, except can be as small as a ‘one-holer'.
The Outhouse was a hardcore punk music venue that was approximately 4.4 miles outside of Lawrence, Kansas on 15th street. Original shows listed the venue as Past the Pavement Hall, being as the county pavement ended about 3/4 of a mile from the building.
Keywords:  shed, microbarn, barn, unusual, smaller
An unusual unit of cross section defined as 10-6 barns, a microbarn. Note that an outhouse is smaller than a barn but larger than a shed. Related to barn. Related to shed.
shed/smaller building in house grounds
Keywords:  carsy, lavatory, outdoor, slang
outdoor lavatory, carsy [slang
Keywords:  scary, place
a very scary place to be
Keywords:  lid, exit, shit, pile, life
a pile of shit with a lid on it, and life has no exit