Definitions for "Marquee"
An onsite billboard, often advertising a theater performance.
permanent canopy over an entrance of a hotel etc.
a display unit as seen in old theaters and sports arenas, where a message is formed from a series of blinking lights
A piece of plastic which advertises your game. Usually, this is above head level, is backlit, and is rectangular. In most arcade machines, this is the primary piece of advertisement. Many "conversions" will lack the side art, control panel overlay, and other artwork.
Index Definition: Marquee Description: An Internet Explorer tag that creates a scrolling text area.
a box you draw around one or more objects on your workpage
See region selection.
Outline of dots created by image editing program to show area selected for manipulation, masking or cropping.
A tool that draws a broken line outline around an object when the object has been selected.
a projecting sign for this portion of the ordinance
The sign on the front lawn of Gilchrist Elementary at Timberlane Road. The marquee is a way of communicating important and interesting information to parents and the community at large.
A sign used to display a store's name and/or logo.
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see ghost image
a great way to extend your home to include more guests and entertainment
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a bunch of words that you choose that move across your page
A particular brand name of a vehicle. Also spelled "marque"
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a cool feature that can be used very effectively on HTML pages
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