Definitions for "HTML file"
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HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the universal language used to produce pages on the World Wide Web. HTML documents are plain-text files containing the text which is to be shown on a World Wide Web page along with a set of instructions (HTML codes) on how the text is to be displayed by a World Wide Web browser. Furthermore, there may be instructions about the display of pictures, about links to other World Wide Web pages, etc.
A stored collection of text and HyperText Markup Language (or HTML) used as instructions to a web browser about how to render web page. An HTML file defines the structure of web page and to a lesser degree its format or appearance.
a basic text file that employes "markup tags" to indicate where text formatting such as bold and italic should be applied
a textfile, but with special display features encoded
a professionally prepared version of your handbook
a combination of the content you're publishing and the specialized formatting you apply to the content