Definitions for "Webpage"
Keywords:  scroll, homepage, website, html, login
One page of a Website. The primary Webpage on a site is referred to as the Homepage. A file accessible by a web browser on the World Wide Web. Web pages can contain text, sounds, pictures, movies, and HyperText Links to other web pages. Webpages are written in HTML code, with the possible inclusion of other languages, such as Javascript, Java, Perl, cgi etc. You can create your own Webpage online at mc²: just login and select My Webpage [top right] See also: Creating a Homepage
A document on the World Wide Web that's viewed with a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.
an HTML page that can be downloaded and displayed via the World Wide Web. See also home page.
Keywords:  fannish, ezine, resource, line
an ezine, an on-line fannish resource
Keywords:  imo, novel, medium, rules, take
a different medium from a novel or a business card, and requires different rules that take into account to that medium, IMO
a commitment free way to research a LUG (or anything)
Keywords:  gallery, great, thing, art, work
a great place to show your work, a gallery of your art
a great thing to have
a viewable screen displaying information presented through a web
Keywords:  ant, war, rich, statements, source
a rich source of ant-war statements
Keywords:  file, url, find, extension, entity
a file that has a name like file
a file with the extension name
a single entity---one URL, one file that you might find on the Web
Keywords:  technology, pull
a "pull" technology
a combination of regular language and one or more computer coding languages