Definitions for "Languages"
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No, unfortunately it's not an automatic translation device (like the Babel Fish in the Hitchhiker's Guide). It's the number of different languages in which the phone can display its text.
Under rule 7.1 of the standing orders, the Parliament is normally to conduct its business in English, but MSPs, or any other person invited by the Parliament to address it, can speak in Scots Gaelic or any other language with the agreement of the Presiding Officer. The Parliament also has a language policy which deals with matters such as the publication of material in other languages and the provision of translation and interpretation facilities.
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Dit rapport meet de taal die is ingesteld in de browser.
This report details the primary language used by your visitors' browsers. Every time a page is requested from your site, it specifies a preferred language for the page. Understanding what languages your visitors use will help you customize content and to develop alternate pages for visitors who read different languages
a reality to be reckoned with that Uto-Aztecanists have ignored