Definitions for "Page Template"
A dynamic web page object. For more information on ZPT see the Page Templates chapter of The Zope Book.
a maxlet which determines the layout of a page (preformatted pages have no template)
a predesigned page that contains page layout, formatting, tables, frames, graphics or themes
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a file with some special macros that indicate where Roller is supposed to put your weblog entries, weblog calendar, and other dynamically created content
a PHP file whose content conforms to the rules of forming the page structure
a program in the sense that, at runtime, it instantiates page instances, which are marked-up documents transmitted to Web browsers
a page definition that is stored in SAS metadata and that is associated with a group (either PUBLIC or an explicitly-defined group)
an outline for a specific type of page, such as a home page or a customer survey page
a pre-designed page that can contain page settings, formatting, and page elements