Definitions for "HotLink"
Gnome .desktop files are awkward to use for browser bookmarks. This is the implementation of a new .hotlink file type, which is handier. It reads Windows shortcuts, too.
A link on a web page to another web page. In Netscape Navigator, private hotlinks are called bookmarks. See link.
A hotlink is a hyperlink documented by a Web author for public distribution on the Web. See also hotlist. In Netscape, private hotlinks are called bookmarks. In Internet Explorer, private hotlinks are called favorites.
A function of RUMBA/400 that uses dynamic data exchange to copy information from an AS/400 database file to personal computer applications. In VisualAge RPG, a function used to copy information to and from OS/2 programs, to and from Microsoft Windows programs, or to and from OS/2 and Microsoft Windows programs.
GIS function in ArcView that allows access to data and applications from within the software.
A serial transmission (hardware) protocol.