Definitions for "Web-site"
a collection of related web-pages which are normally (though not always) gathered together on a single web-server and which is identified using a single Uniform Resource Locator ( URL ) commonly known as an address
a good overview site for disaster preparedness and the latest weather and national security news
This term is often used to mean "web page," but there is supposed to be a difference. A web page is a single entity, one URL, one file that you might find on the Web. A "site," properly speaking, is an location or gathering or center for a bunch of related pages linked to from that site. For example, the site for the present tutorial is the top-level page "Internet Resources." All of the pages associated with it branch out from there -- the web searching tutorial and all its pages, and more. Together they make up a "site." When we estimate there are 5 billion web pages on the Web, we do not mean "sites." There would be far fewer sites.
a communication clearinghouse and state-wide resource for improving nutrition and physical activity
an excellent resource
an option we're considering for this column depending upon the response we get
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a bit of an unknown---this is such a new concept to so many people, most won't be looking for it
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a brand for lots of companies and they want original design