Definitions for "Anchors"
structural wall inserts used for stability or strength
types for stonework include those made of flat stock (strap, cramps, dovetails, dowel, strap and dowel and two-way anchors) and round stock (rod cramp, rod anchor, eyebolt and dowel, flat-hood wall the and dowel and wire toggle bolt. [Go to source
Devices used to stabilize operating equipment. Involved drilling into the floor.
a long term, credit worthy tenant. The presence for one or more "anchors" enhances the value and the ability to obtain financing for a shopping center.
all long term, credit worthy tenants.
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anclajes—rock climbing
more info Trees, bushes or rocks that can help hold a slab in place.
An anchor lets the reader go from one point to another by clicking a link. This is especially useful for setting up a table of contents or for letting the reader go back to the top of the page with one click.
Anchors are used to mark specific locations within a document. Once an anchor is placed in location, you can create a link to that spot.
A link to a specific location on a Web page. An example exists at the top of this page. Also called Bookmarks in some Web page editors (Microsoft FrontPage), not to be confused with bookmarks in browsers.
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Anchors are items that serve as reference points from which other items in the series or other points in the scale are judged or compared.
The labeled ends of a Likert scale.
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See "supports."