Definitions for "Broken links"
Consistently rated as one of the most annoying aspects of the Web, broken links are hyperlinks that, when clicked on, do NOT take users where they were supposed to go. Often, they lead to dead-end messages which say the requested page could not be found. This could happen because the site shut down permanently or temporarily, because the site has moved to a new URL, or because the HTML of the link was faulty. There are many link validators, like NetMechanic, that will check your site for broken links.
These are links on a web page which lead nowhere. You get error messages such as "web page not found".
Broken links are those links that do not work because the destination has been deleted or the path has been changed.
This refers to a break in a chain or bracelet which is usually the result of poor crystallization or Insufficient solder.
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There is a missing document or image on the server which a user tried to access