Definitions for "Referrer"
Keywords:  visitor, url, hyperlink, log, keyword
The URL of the previous page, if the user clicked on a link on that page to request the page recorded as the "request". If the user requested the page by typing the URL directly into the browser's "location" box, or selected it from a "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" list, this field is blank or a "-" is recorded.
The URL of the web page a user came from before entering another site. If the referring URL is a search engine, the keyword search terms are usually shown.
The URL address of the web page a user came from before entering another web page. Each time a user clicks a hyperlink, most browsers send a HTTP-REFERRER header to the new web server so that the servers can record the information in log files. The search terms a user typed into a search engine will usually be included as part of the information, making it possible to determine what keywords users are searching on to find a website. Refresh Tag
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a type of offsite InLink to the resource
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Keywords:  friend, poker, room, feature, player
A Player that refers a Player to the Poker Room using the Refer-a-Friend feature.
system member, who directed to registration a new member
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One who refers.