Definitions for "Visitor"
A superior, or a person lawfully appointed for the purpose, who makes formal visits of inspection to a corporation or an institution. See Visit, v. t., 2, and Visitation, n., 2.
The court visitor is a person trained or experienced in law, medical care, mental health care, pastoral care, education, rehabilitation, or social work, who is an officer, employee, or special appointee of the court with no personal interest in the proceedings.
a most important person on our premises
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individual or browser which accesses a Web site within a specific time period.
A person who views a Web Site over the Internet.
See Unique Visitor.
a guest for two days
a person who occasionally uses either Student Centers' services and facilities but who has not been invited
a person who occasionally uses the Trabant University Center or Perkins Student Center services and facilities but who has not been invited to do so
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"squadra in trasferta, ospite"
Visitor is the 18th episode of the second season of the WB original series, Smallville. The episode was written by Philip Levens and was directed by Rick Rosenthal. It originally aired on April 15, 2003.
an object that traverses a tree (or other data structure) and performs an operation for each node of the tree, choosing the appropriate operation for each node based on the node's static type
an object that traverses the querytree and performs some action
the one primarily responsible for the district* and the principal animator of a district. He is often called "provincial"*.
the presiding officer of a district,* often called Provincial,* and having canonical* rights and duties.
An individual who views a banner.
Every time you come to the RNID website you are classed as a ‘visitorâ€(tm). We use statistics on visitor numbers to see what areas of our website are most popular and which areas can be improved.
A person who views your website; also known as a user.
an individual whose longer-term visit to campus is sponsored by a department, such as the Office of Special Events, the Office of External Conferences and Summer Programs, or another administrative department
an admission category for graduate students in good academic standing in a graduate program at other accredited institutions who wish to take courses at the University of Oklahoma to transfer back to their home campus.
a casual user who browses through the system to know what is happening in the community
(if wearing casual clothes) - new money (if wearing suit) - trouble
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a friend, he brings news, good or bad, which is bread to the hungry minds in lonely places
An attendee at an exposition. A potential customer.
an individual with a disability who does not reside in the jurisdiction served by the transportation entity or its partners with whom it coordinates paratransit services
a double dispatch, as noted in the book, historically known as a callback hook
ASL Browser
The technical definition of a visitor is the browser of a person who accepts a cookie.
One who visits; one who comes or goes to see another, as in civility or friendship.
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someone who visits
a single method applied to multiple data objects