Definitions for "Microsite"
A small web site, usually hosted on a larger site's server, that has a different address (or URL) from the site's home page and is generally related to, but not part of, the primary site. Microsites (also called minisites) are the form frequently taken by online promotions, marketing partnerships or special interests related to a primary web site.
A small, stand-alone Web site often used to promote a single product or event.
Microsite is a html site which is used in case www sites of the client does not exists .
The small subset of environments within a habitat that provide the specialized resources and conditions required for a phase in the life of an organism, e.g. the cracks or crevices which provide conditions suitable for germination of the seed of a particular species.
a completely autonomous user environment
A microsite is a term used in ecology to describe a pocket within an environment with unique features and characteristics. Classifying different microsites may depend on temperature, humidy, amount of sunlight, parent soil, vegetation cover, etc.
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