Definitions for "Banner Advertising"
Banner advertising was the main advertising model for most businesses in the late nineties but has since been replaced by text advertising due to ' banner blindness'. Banner adverts allow businesses to advertise their products on other websites using large Flash animations or animated GIFs. When users click on the banners, they are taken to the advertisers website and the originating website will generally receive a fixed fee or commission if the click turns into a lead for the business. Read more: How banner advertising works
(n.) Advertisements that display as banners at the top or bottom of a web page. Host companies that provide free web space; scripting or message boards to end-users sometimes derive revenue by selling such advertising to third party clients. These clients pay for the exposure they get when users call on sites that use the free resources.
Creation of online banners and placement such that internet users find them easily and are attracted to them. Clicking on a banner ad usually redirects users to a specific landing page.
Ads that runs horizontally on the bottom of a page of a publication.