Definitions for "CTR"
Advertizing term indicating the percentage of viewers who click on a banner advertisement and follow the link.
Click Thru Ratio – The percent of impressions of an ad that are clicked on. CTR = #Clicks / #Impressions
Click Through Rate. The rate at which people click on a link when displayed on a page. The figure most often cited is a percentage of the page view rate. If a page is viewed 10 times and a visitor clicks once, then the CTR is 10%.
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Commute Trip Reduction esign Phase A specific phase of the project when the concept is formulated into plans and specifications.
Commuter trip reduction
Community Trip Reduction; legislation requiring major employers to take measures to reduce the number of single-occupant vehicle trips and the number of vehicle miles traveled by their employees.
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Common Technical Regulation; part of the ETSI standardisation process CUG
CTR (Common Technical Regulation). In telecommunications, CTR refers to a rule governing the connection of terminal equipment to networks. CTRs are drawn up, under the provisions of the EU directive 98/13/EC by the Telecommunications research and action center (TRAC) and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), at the request of ACTE, which is chaired by the European Commission.
Customer Transaction Record. With E-xact's Transaction Processing Solution, the CTR is issued upon completion of a transaction. It states the business name, has an authorization number, and lists all important transaction details.
Customer Transaction Report. With Ecom Technology Transaction Processing Solution, the CTR receipt is issued upon completion of a transaction. It states the business name and has an authorization number.
Customer Transaction Report. Depending on which payment gateway you use, the CTR receipt is issued upon completion of a transaction. It states the business name and has an authorization number. Digital Certificate Digital certificates are a password protected file that is issued from a Certificate Authority (CA). The CA validates information on a company or person and then issues a certificate. This certificate identifies and provides information such as name, email address, and encryption key so that people can be more certain that the information provided on a Web site is genuine. Additionally, security protocols such as SSL are digital certificates that are commonly used for order forms and to ensure secure online environments.
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Care Taker Relative (ex: grandparent)
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lick hrough ate
Capsules, modified-release TCM Tablets, prompt-release
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Choose the Right. An informal motto of the members of the LDS Church
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Close Target Reconnaissance
Control Zone. An area of controlled airspace extending upwards from ground level to a specified upper limit.
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Canadian Tire Retail
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customer trouble report
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Combined Technology Refresh
Certified Test Report. A report providing actual test data on a cable. Tests are normally run by a Quality Control Department, which shows that the product being shipped conforms to test specifications.
Center for Transportation Research
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See Cost-Time Resource Sheet
The value associated to the amount of times a paid ad is viewed.