Definitions for "Pay Per Click"
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Pay per click is an online advertising payment system which allows advertiser to bid on the level of exposure, depending on the bidding amount amount. Up to 10 results will display on each Search Engine Result page and the highest bidder for the Pay per click will receive the #1 spot. (For example: Adwords) !-- ctxt_ad_partner = "1780786010"; ctxt_ad_section = "10477"; ctxt_ad_bg = ""; ctxt_ad_width = 336; ctxt_ad_height = 280; ctxt_ad_bc = "ffffff"; ctxt_ad_cc = "ffffff"; ctxt_ad_lc = "0000aa"; ctxt_ad_tc = "333333"; ctxt_ad_uc = "fffffd"; // -- PDF (Portable Document Format) PDF is an Adobe Acrobat software program which is a text viewer that is cross platform / cross - browser compatible. With Adobe Acrobat reader, files can be downloaded via the Internet and view PDF pages, provided the user has the plug-in installed.
Also known as Pay For Performance or Search Advertising. Pay Per Click advertising gives advertisers the possibility of having their adverts appear on the Search Engine results pages of certain Search Engines. The position of the adverts is decided on a bidding system with adverts paying being positioned at the top of the page. Payment is then made at this rate every time someone clicks on the link in the advert which takes them through to the advertiser's website.
Pay per Click is a type of search marketing where advertisers pay a set amount every time their ad is clicked by a prospect (otherwise known as a click thru). Some search engines, such as Overture, specialize in this type of advertising medium, although pay per click is not limited solely to pay-per-click engines. For instance, Looksmart, a directory, recently changed its business model to pay per click. Also, XML trusted feeds through Inktomi and Fast are sold at a per-click basis. Perl
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