Definitions for "Pay Per Click Search Engine"
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Pay per click (PPC) search engines are a way for adult webmasters to get visitors in to their adult websites. They look like ordinary search engines but the sites that are listed there are paying for the privilege. Every time a surfer clicks on one of the webmaster's websites there, whoever owns the website is charged a few cents for that click. This money goes to the PPC search engine. If you get 100 clicks, for example, and you paid 5 cents per click, you would have paid $5.00 for 100 surfers to visit your website. For an example of a PPC search engine, visit
A type of search engine in which search results are determined by advertiser bids. Generally speaking, the advertiser that bids the highest amount on a specific keyword will show up as the No. 1 search result for that specific keyword.
A search engine where advertisers bid for placement.