Definitions for "pfi"
Pay For Inclusion. A process where people can pay to be included in a database..
is the acronym for Pay For Inclusion. Overture's (Yahoo owned)'s Site match offers a PFI program to assure frequent spidering / indexing of a site (or page). PFI does not guarantee that a site will be ranked highly (or at all) for a given search.
"Pay For Inclusion" - Some SEs and directories allow or require you to pay money in order to be included in their index. A good example of this is the Yahoo Directory, which charges $300/site ($600/adult site) to even consider including the site, no guarantees and no refunds.
A UK Government initiative in the late 1980s to introduce the benefits of private sector management and finance into public sector projects, such as road building and the building and running of hospitals. The PFI differs from privatisation in that responsibility for 'public service' aspects of the project e.g. clinical responsibility in hospitals remains in the public sector.
Public Finance Initiatives is the term used in the United Kingdom to describe partnerships between the private sector and the public sector for the purposes of designing, planning, financing, constructing and/or executing projects which are generally regarded as being the responsibility of the public sector. Infrastructural projects in the roads, water and waste sectors are key examples. In Ireland these initiatives are called Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Close
Private Finance Initiative: a means by which public-sector projects are financed and developed by the private sector for an agreed reward.
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see port fuel injection
Port Fuel Injection. Generic name for MPFI. All j-bodies after 90ish have some form of MPFI.
Abbreviation for Port Fuel Injection, another name for a multi-port fuel injection system. The system uses one injector for each engine cylinder. Fuel is sprayed directly into the intake port for better cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution and more powe
The assessment of the Disability Awards Medical Adviser for the decision on your PPD award.
The assessment of the Disability Awards Medical Adviser for the decision relating to percentage of impairment associated with the measurable loss of range of motion or psychological impairment from a compensable injury or condition.
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Participating Financial Institution. A financial institution participating in the MPF Program, which is legally bound to originate, sell, and/or service mortgages in accordance with the PFI Agreement, which it signs with the MPF bank of which it is a member.
Pet Food Institute. 1101 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036 (202) 857-1100
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Poultry Federation of India
Planning for Installation. A CICS reference manual.
A secure, secondary LCD-based interface to pf.