Definitions for "Adviser"
an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
a faculty member or a committee from the major department responsible for providing advice regarding graduate studies and for supervising your degree program (including research)
a member of the academic staff who teaches on the your course
an Air Force scientist or engineer with whom a Postdoctoral Research Associate works most closely
a scientist or engineer at a DHS affiliated venue with whom a Postdoctoral Research Associate works most closely
a scientist or engineer at an AMRMC laboratory with whom a Postdoctoral Research Associate works most closely
The company that takes primary responsibility for managing a mutual fund. The adviser receives an annual fee for this service, usually ranging between 0.50% and 1% of a fund's total assets.
The firms' primary person, responsible for a fund's day-to-day operation.Aggressive Growth Funds Mutual funds that focus on small-company stocks that have the potential for accelerated earnings.
The investment company which offers a mutual fund. The fund's portfolio is usually run by an individual portfolio manager who is employed by the adviser. Vanguard contracts with a number of outside investment advisers to run many of its funds.
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A Scouter associated with a Venturer Company or Rover Crew. A resource for the members of the section and the person with responsibility for the actions of the section.
a position that exerts programme direction, will accept kudos but definitely no responsibility when it hits the fan, usually a verbally adept person.
A person who can be appointed by the SPCB, with the approval of the Parliamentary Bureau, to inquire into matters and advise any committee or sub-committee. Different advisers may be appointed for different matters.
To develop its products and procedures Visa Europe operates a thorough consultative process, involving several Advisory Groups. An Adviser is a representative of a member bank who serves on one of these Advisory Groups.
A broker, consultant or investment banker who represents an owner in a transaction. Advisers may be paid a retainer and/or a performance fee upon the close of a financing or sales transaction.
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a person who is engaged in procuring new business, and servicing his existing business, for the insurance company
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See Financial Adviser.
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One who advises.