Definitions for "Advisory"
A bulletin issued by NWS offices which alerts the public to a non-severe, yet significant weather event which is expected to remain below the warning criteria, but may still cause significant inconvenience. These events can produce life and property damage if caution is not exercised. See Air Stagnation or Pollution Advisory, Blowing Snow Advisory, Dense Fog Advisory, Freezing Rain or Drizzle Advisory, Heat Advisory, Lake Snow Advisory, Snow Advisory, Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory, Wind Advisory, Wind Chill Advisory, Winter Weather Advisory.
Statements issued by a weather service that discuss weather situations of inconvenience that do not carry the danger of warning criteria, but, if not observed, could lead to hazardous situations. Some examples include snow advisories stating possible slick streets, or fog advisories for patchy fog condition causing temporary restrictions to visibility. See also special weather statements.
a one-page call to action sent to members to urge them to attend a meeting or to comments on a particular issue
Every Upper School student is part of a homeroom advisory group. Each group consists of 7-10 students and is led by a faculty member. Advisory group meetings are designed to build positive relationships between students and faculty members outside of the classroom setting. Additionally, the homeroom advisory program provides each student with a faculty advocate and mentor. At the end of each year, students will choose an advisor. In most cases, a student can have the same advisor for all four years of Upper School.
a course that a student is encouraged, but not required to take before enrolling in a more advanced course
a suggested, but not required, course or skill level that a student is advised to meet prior to enrolling in a course or program
Having power to advise; containing advice; as, an advisory council; their opinion is merely advisory.
giving advice; "an advisory memorandum", "his function was purely consultative"
a strong reminder that not all agitated or combative behaviors are symptoms of psychoses
An adjective meaning, for purposes of this Report, that the entity thus described- committee, commission, board, etc.-is empowered only to make recommendations and has no actual oversight authority.
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adj. Not mandatory.
a message generated for unusual essays that cannot be scored reliably by the scoring software
a message which provides the recipient with data on a current vulnerability and may include details on security patches and other solutions
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A notice to alert the media of an event.
a collection of information that predicts the impact a specific change would have on the item being monitored
A non-regulatory document that communicates risk information to those who may have to make risk management decisions.