Definitions for "Dual credit"
A program through which high school students are enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses, taught at their high school, that fulfill high school graduation requirements and may earn the student college credits .
The receipt of high school and college credit for the same course for qualified high school students enrolled in college-level courses.
Students must complete 21 credits outside their major discipline. Students are permitted to use courses in the General Education Program to meet departmental program requirements as well as General Education requirements when any such course will reasonably meet the educational goals and objectives of both programs. Departments offering a course whose goals and objectives match a requirement in the General Education Program may request a waiver for a specific General Education course for student majors and/or the majors in another Department who pass the course, with the consent of both Departments. Departments present such requests to the Committee on General Education. Cross-listed courses may be counted as being outside of the major if the course is not meeting a requirement (core or collateral) of the major program and if it is taken under the non-major designation.