Definitions for "Courses"
Keywords:  sail, yards, mizen, crojick, ship
the largest, and hence lowest, sails on a ship.
The large square sails set upon the lower yards of sailing ships. The mizen course is called the "crojick."
A term used for the sails that hang from a ship's lower yards.
The number of horizontal rows of tiles, shakes or shingles.
One of the continuous horizontal layers (rows) of masonry that form the masonry structure.
Parallel layers of building materials such as bricks, shingles, or siding laid up horizontally.
Programmes of study normally leading to undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications. D E F
a better measurement of what a person learns because many questions display an image of the computer window
a very intensive and demanding programme
Keywords:  mizzen, foresail, mainsail
The mainsail, foresail, and the mizzen.
Listed in the “Course Descriptions” section of this catalog, showing the course number, title, description, and units.
VIDEO TUTORIAL This page lists all the courses and communities that you have joined or in which you have enrolled. The main page lists the number of unread posts and comments for each course of community. Click on the title of the course to be forwarded to the course site. You can also click on “browse all” to see all of the communities and courses that exist on the network. Some will be open and others will be closed. You can ask to be invited by closed communities by clicking the “send request” button after you click on the community button.
Alternate layers of material in a pattern, or brickwork.
a team of experienced and approved tutors who have worked together for a number of years
a convenient and smart way to earn your graduate degree online
an online computer
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These are cut, maintained and marked trails upon which the trials take place. Having set trails leads to more consistency and fairness.
Keywords:  theory, daily, guides, turn, practice
a process from practice to theory which in turn guides my daily work
Keywords:  part, two, process
a two-part process