Definitions for "Trials"
A form of pairs duplicate game, usually of high competition level, played as round-robin tournament with small number of pairs (typically 16) playing relatively long matches (typically 16-32 boards). Usually scored in IMPs with conversion to Victory points.
Off-road competition in which the rider has to surmount obstacles. Points are deducted if the rider puts his feet on the ground, goes outside the marked course, or fails to clear an obstacle.
A type of course designed to test the skill of the rider through a series of very tight obstacles. The obstacles usually consist of rocks, streams, cars, logs and every other impassable barrier available.
an offshoot of professional interaction between the inventor and Thomas Ducker, M
Individuals who ordered a short-term subscription to a magazine, newsletter, or continuity program. In list rental, trials are not equal to those who convert to customer status.
Research programmes involving the use of a new treatment to establish safety, efficacy or superiority over existing treatments.
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a randomized, controlled trial with fusion as the control group
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End-of-term examinations.