Definitions for "Inventor"
a person, whose intellectual, creative work resulted in an invention (utility model)
A person who produces something previously unknown, by the use of ingenuity, creativity and imagination.
Anyone who's involvement and contribution was essential to the development of the invention.
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LGPL Open Inventor C++ API using OpenGL from original SGI source. Inventor is the standard API for developers of Windows, Linux, and other Unix 3D applications. Current version only works on Irix and Linux. Port in progress to other platforms.
An SGI file format for surfaces and polygons.
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A sub-circuit of the Prosper network.*Sidney Jones - organiser and arms instructor*Marcel Clech - wireless operator*Vera Leigh - courier
A person who makes an ingenious arrangement of wheels, levers and springs, and believes it civilization.
One who invents or finds out something new; a contriver; especially, one who invents mechanical devices, new drugs, new processes, or other useful objects or procedures.
someone who creates or produces an original device, idea, or process
someone who is the first to think of or make something
an individual who has been tinkering with something and wants to see if they can get free money to finish it
To dream of an inventor, foretells you will soon achieve some unique work which will add honor to your name. To dream that you are inventing something, or feel interested in some invention, denotes you will aspire to fortune and will be successful in your designs.