Definitions for "Kaizen "
the Japanese for 'continuous improvement'.
Japanese term meaning continuous improvement involving everyone-managers and employees alike.
Japanese for Continuous Improvement. Based on the philosophy that what we do today should be better than yesterday and what we do tomorrow should be better than today, never resting or accepting status quo.
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Kaizen, also known as Connor Mc Auley is an Irish DJ & aspiring record producer. Beginning his career during the growing years of house (1990's), he quickly became entranced with the music he played across the country.
Kaizen is a framework for managing the development and deployment of customized Linux-based installations. It simplifies the process of integrating the many different software programs and libraries that comprise a functioning operating system.
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a directed effort that applies Lean principles to assess a value stream, identify sources of cost and waste, and reduce those sources, all within a short time frame
a focused discussion involving workers, managers, engineers, and designers to perfect a system