Definitions for "Workers"
The number of people working in a building during the main shift on a typical workday during the year. The main shift is the time when most people are in the building. Included in this definition are self-employed workers and volunteers. Excluded are customers, patients, and students, unless they are working for establishments in the building. Also excluded are employees who work out of the office, such as salespeople who report into the office, delivery people with routes, and messengers.
(a) The agency charged with administering the Workersâ€(tm) Compensation Law, the Volunteer Ambulance Workersâ€(tm) Benefit Law and the Volunteer Firefightersâ€(tm) Benefit Law and the Disability Benefits Law. (b) The thirteen member Board responsible (directly or through review of delegated authority) for determining all issues involving claims under the WCL. Members are appointed to seven-year terms by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Governor designates the Chair and Vice-Chair.
Chapter 67 of the Consolidated Laws, governing the Workersâ€(tm) Compensation system; separate laws cover compensation benefits for volunteer firefighters and volunteer ambulance workers.
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See N EUTERS. 223
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See neuters.
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Dim lighting used in blueouts to allow work to take place.
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Workers 16 years and over are members of the Armed Forces and civilians who were at work during the reference week.