Definitions for "PROCESS MANAGEMENT"
The cycle of continuous review, re-examination and renewal of fundamental work processes that contribute to an organization's performance and productivity. Itself a continual process, process management must at all times challenge a process' fit with other processes, and may result in radical change to work methods and practices.
Management of resources and internal processes that support research and development programs. These include staffing, human resource development, fund raising, financial management, and management of facilities.
Most managers or supervisors are responsible for specific processes or activities. They are responsible for organizing the process or activity and securing the resources need to execute it, and they are responsible for measuring the results of the activity and providing rewards or corrective feedback when necessary. They are also responsible for changing and improving it whenever possible.
A systematic, data-based approach to improving the performance of business. It is an approach that identifies opportunities for improvement using proven problem-solving methods.
the rules and their implementation governing the software migration process
The achievement of the same output, within the agreed tolerances, and to the quality specification, every time the process is followed