Definitions for "BPM"
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Acronym: eats er inute Digital Audio: A parameter for digital music that refers to the tempo of a song.
short for bubbles per minute, the count of bubbles in a bubble counter for a CO2 system, a unit of measure for CO2
Blows Per Minute
Best Practicable Means; within a particular waste management option, the level of management and engineering control that minimises, as far as practicable, the release of radioactivity to the environment whilst taking account of a wide range of factors, including cost-effectiveness, technological status, operational safety, and social and environmental factors
Business Project Manager - A person representing the business who has decision making authority for the user community. They are responsible for assignment of users to the project team and to develop user guides, office procedures and user training. Further, they identify users to be interviewed, users to participate in review walkthroughs and inspections. They also will identify users who will participate in testing, development of test scripts, test cases and test data. Additionally, they will resolve user conflicts, be a focal point for change control, prioritize user requests and keep the user community informed of project status.
Business Process Modeling, A method used to model existing business processes using analysis-level dynamic modeling techniques.
Badan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat
BPM is a jazz-fusion band formed by Alex Machacek, Terry Bozzio and Gerald Preinfalk in 2002. They have released an album Delete and Roll in 2003 which has received heavy critical acclaim.
BPM is a time signal transmitter used in Pucheng, China at 35° 0'N 109° 31'E. The spectrum of freque ...
BPM is the People's Republic of China's national time signal service, operated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
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Bound Printed Matter. Catalogs, magazines, and other bound printed materials.
Bound Printed Matter. A subclass of Package Services that consists of permanently bound sheets of which at least 90% are printed with advertising, promotional, directory, or editorial matter (or a combination of such matter).
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The Balance of Payments Manual, Fifth Edition, (BPM5) IMF, Washington D.C. 1993
Best Practice Model developed by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council