Definitions for "Fpm"
Keywords:  descent, ascent, velocity, minute, feet
Feet Per Minute, a measure of an aircraft's rate of climb or descent. Similarly m/s or mps, meters per second.
Feet per minute – used for measuring rates of ascent or descent
Feet Per Minute, expressing the speed of film moving through a mechanism.
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Fast Page Mode. A type of DRAM that accesses several addresses at once ( a page ). The CPU selects the info needed from that page and processes it, then asks for another page from memory.
(Fast Page Mode). An early form of DRAM, fast-page mode’s advantage over previous page mode memory technology was faster access to data in the same row.
(Fast Page Mode) - See EDO Memory.
Morzanist Patriotic Front based in Honduras
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Fluoro rubber
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Flux Particle Monitor
Fuel Pump Monitor in PCM
FTAM Protocol Machine. The protocol followed by FTAM to accomplish file transfer, access, and management.
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Faculty of Pain Medicine
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Flexible Payment Mortgage. A mortgage loan that allows the borrower to pay interest-only for the first several years of the term.