Definitions for "Gpd"
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An abbreviation for gallons per day.
Gallons per day, a measure of flow.
GPD (gallons per day) measures the production of pure water from low-flow systems, such as RO and distillation.
These include the combustible gases produced in the digestive tract during fermentation of the ration. Methane constitutes the major proportion of the combustible gases produced by ruminants; however, nonruminants also produce methane. Trace amounts of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, acetone, ethane, and hydrogen sulfide are also produced.
Gallium Photo Diode. Metering cells for measuring exposure, using gallium arsenide-phosphide, just like SPD or Cds cells.
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Grup de Periodistes Digitals
Glucose- -Phosphate Dehydrogenase
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Grants Policy Directive (GPD). See HHS