Definitions for "SPD"
Summary Plan Description. A document containing a comprehensive description...
Summary plan description. A document that explains the fundamental features of an employer's defined benefit or defined contribution plan, including eligibility requirements, contribution formulas, vesting schedules, benefit calculations, and distribution options. ERISA requires that the SPD be easy to understand and that each participant receive a copy within 90 days of joining the plan.
SUMMARY PLAN DESCRIPTION. A detailed, but easily understood summary describing a pension plan's provisions that must be provided to participants and beneficiaries.
Surge Protective Device (See TVSS)
Surge Protective Device. A device that is designed to limit instantaneous high voltages. Also known as a surge suppressor, surge arrestor and transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS). These units are satisfactory for reducing the amplitude of catastrophic events. However, they function by diverting excess voltage to the safety ground of the electrical system. In the process they create a common mode disturbance which can disrupt the function of microprocessor based electronic systems.
SURGE PROTECTION DEVICE. A device designed to protect electrical apparatus from high transient voltage and to limit the duration and the amplitude of follow-current. Device that is intended to limit transient overvoltages and divert or absorb surge currents. Replaces TVSS terminology
The Sp ee format is used for storing vector fonts. It originated on the X-Windows system and is a creation of the Bitstream, Inc. company.
Speech / Sensory Processing Disorder
Harvard Bitstream Typefaces or PostScript Printer Mini-driver or Speech Data File or Speedo Scalable Font
SPECTRAL POWER DISTRIBUTION. A graph of the radiant power emitted by a light source as a function of wavelength. SPD's provide a visual profile or "finger print" of the color characteristics of the source throughout the visible part of the spectrum.
Spectral Power Distribution. A curve illustrating the distribution of power produced by the lamp, at each wavelength across the spectrum.
An illustration of how the power output of a given bulb changes in each different wavelength across the spectrum.
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands
Semantic Pragmatic Disorder. A language disorder, closely related to Asperger Syndrome and sometimes used interchangeably with nonverbal learning disability, characterized by difficulty with social communication.
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. This is pelvic/pubic pain associated with pregnancy, which may also cause difficulty walking.
SPD is an integrated shoe and pedal system that provides the pedaling performance of cleated cycling shoes along with the ability to walk safely and comfortably off the bike. 35. SPD-R
Silicon Photo Diode. Battery powered light sensitive cells - the most common light reading cells for cameras, external metering devices.
Silicon Photo Diode. These are external metering devices that are the most common light reading cells for cameras and are battery operated.
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SRM Parallel Depot; an integration of the Storage Resource Manager (SRM) with a new technology for wide area data management, Logistical Networking (LN), which is now being used by several important OSG application communities (see Logistical Networking). The strategy of combining SRM with IBP-based depots is designed to provide an interoperable foundation for wide area storage infrastructure that can address the problems of in-transit data management through a familiar interface, but with maximum flexibility and performance.
spleen phosphodiesterase
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Seattle Police Department
security policy database. Database that specifies the level of protection to apply to a packet. The SPD filters IP traffic to determine whether a packet should be discarded, should be passed in the clear, or should be protected with IPsec.
Start_of_Packet delimiter
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South Pacific Division
Standards and Performance Division
Service Provider Division—one of the A-D divisions around which A-Dnet is organized.
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South Park District in SoMa
Special Purpose District
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Single Product Dispenser. A dispenser with only one nozzle per side.
( Start of Program Diameter) This must be located between the radius 24.8 mms and 25.04 mms. The SPD parameter is used by the reader to find the beginning of a track. If the SPD parameter is outside specification, the reader will take more time to find the first track.
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A large scale linear programming model, in various versions for slightly different purposes, which is used by the SO and the electricity market's Pricing Manager, to dispatch generation and calculate spot prices.
SSI&T Procedures Document
Single Programming Document, provides information on the way the Objective 2 Programme will be delivered in the region and details the priorities and measures under which funding can be applied for
See Symmetric Positive Definite Matrix.
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Serial presence detect
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spinal cord
Sector Policy Directorate
See security policy database (SPD).
An abbreviation for Small Package Delivery.