Definitions for "srm "
This is the abbreviation for Short Range Missiles, direct tragectory missiles with high-explosive or armor-piercing explosive warheads. They have a range of less than one kilometer, and are accurate only at ranges of less than 300 meters. They are more powerful, however, than LRMs.
Abbreviation for "Short Range Missile", a direct-trajectory missile with high-explosive or armour-piercing warheads. They have a range of less than one kilometre, and are accurate only at ranges of less than 300 metres. They are, however, more powerful than LRM's.
System resources manager.
Supplier Relationship Management. SRM is similar to customer relationship management in that it involves the review and improvement of three different aspects of purchasing: - Purchasing processes - strategic sourcing, contract negotiation management and measurement and the "req to cheque" (order to payment) process. IT can assist in the implementation and management of these business processes, but they must be reviewed and improved before implementing operational systems to support them - Operational systems - e-commerce (e-procurement, B2B marketplaces and e-negotiation tools) are a key component of SRM. They enable organisations to tie their purchasing processes more tightly into their supply base. E-commerce can enable more efficient transactional processes, better compliance, and improved collaboration with suppliers - Information systems are key to the effective understanding, improvement and measurement of the other two aspects of SRM. Without comprehensive and detailed information about an organisations current spend it is difficult to identify and implement improved purchasing strategies.
Supplier Relationship Management. Supplier Relationship Management is the management of the flow of information between suppliers and purchasing organizations and the integration of supplier information in the procurement process by the buyer.
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Scalable Reliable Multicast
Standard Reference Material from NIST used for evaluating the reliability of analytical methods
Standard Reference Materials. NIST ensures accurate and compatible measurements through the development, certification, and distribution of Standard Reference Materials (SRMs).
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A measure of beer and grain color in lovibond degrees.Standard Reference Method.
Standard Research Method. A standard measurement of the color range of a specific beer or style of beer.
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Service Resource Module
Service component Reference Model; FEA model showing service components, or capabilities. Interior FEA models are posted on the Documents page
(2K8X) Service Component Reference Model of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (2IYK)
Screw compressor development center. Licensor to 90% of twin screw compressor market.( 0100)
srm is a command-line compatible rm which destroys file contents before unlinking. The goal is to provide drop in security for users who wish to prevent command line recovery of deleted information, even if the machine is compromised.
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Solid Rocket Motor
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Shock Resistant Memory. See ESP.
System Renewability Messages