Definitions for "FMS"
flexible manufacturing system. A manufacturing system designed as to permit the production line to be frequently readjusted, FMS rapidly matching production output to changes in demand. Requires mixed-model scheduling, standardization of equipment for short changeover times, multi-skilled operators and design of the entire production line to enable workers to perform more then one function and to reduce transportation time between lines.
False Memory Syndrome. A concept based on the hypothesis that memories of forgotten (repressed or dissociated) events that are recovered during psychotherapy (especially when hypnosis is used) are not memories at all, but rather fantasies that have been created as a result of the set and setting. One of the principal arguments of debunkers, used primarily to dismiss allegations of childhood sexual abuse. See text, Chapter 2. See also, " Altered State of Consciousness," " association ," "debunker," "dissociation," "experimenter effect," "Fantasy-Prone Personality," " hallucination," " hypnosis" and "Perky effect."
Stands for Fibromyalgia Syndrome - there's some debate about whether CFS and FMS are the same thing or two different things. For basic info, try Frequently Asked Questions about Fibromyalgia - it contains some great information sheets with the basic details on it. For some more advanced stuff, try my CFS/FMS pages.
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Real-time control, guidance, warning, and management of traffic in order to improve flow of people and goods safely and efficiently.
Final Metering System
fiber management system
ibro yalgia yndrome or ibro yoti is - A disorder characterized by muscle pain, stiffness, and easy fatigability. An estimated 3 million Americans are affected.
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ile anager ystem. This is a group of routines, or handler, to help the computer talk to the disk drive.
FIRE MENACE STANDBY. A situation in which the potential for a fire to start exists. (Example: A downed power line)
are shipments to a foreign government that are repair or replacement parts. These moves are on separate tenders and most often move to a port.
Foreign Military Sales
A collection of integrated applications and technologies designed to provide a financial solution specific to organizational requirements.