Definitions for "Trigger point"
An area in muscle or connective tissue that is hypersensitive to touch or pressure.
a common and reversible condition of muscle and other soft tissue that causes pain and dysfunction
a deep hypersensitive localized spot in a muscle
an area of tissue with low neurological activity that, when stimulated or stressed, becomes an area of high neurological activity with referred sensations around itself or other parts of the body
Area of low neurological activity that, when stimulated or stressed, can become an area of high neural activity with referred sensations to other parts of the body served by these excited nerves.
A stage in a demand initiated regeneration (DIR) water softener or valve control cycle when the unit is ready for regeneration.
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more info A place where a person triggers an avalanche.
a consequence of an accumulation of body responses to trauma - physical trauma, emotional or chemical trauma
A temporal place in an event with which a specific trigger is associated.
a dark colored solution of typically a commercial settings, massage promotes health of its healing response
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See Annual Aggregate Deductible
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a contraction in only a small part