Definitions for "Trigger Points"
Any place on the body that when stimulated causes in a specific area a sudden pain, especially a type of pain previously felt spontaneously at the same location.
Hyper-irritable areas occurring as small knots in the muscles throughout the body. They can also be felt as painful lumps of hardened fascia/connective tissue, and are painful when pressed. They can transfer pain and tenderness (known as "referral patterns") into the joints and muscles. In some cases, the referred pain (from an active trigger point) can mimic other ailments, like heart attacks or tendonitis.
Certain places on muscles that appear exceptionally tender to touch. There are no glossary terms.
A contract or sub-contract, incorporating the appropriate conditions, is eligible for reference to the Board where outturn costs vary from estimated costs by more than a specified percentage. The limits thus defined are referred to as the trigger points and are currently set by reference to a 10 per cent variation from estimated costs (see also paragraph 17 of the 1968 Memorandum of Agreement).