Definitions for "Cent"
A hundred; as, ten per cent, the proportion of ten parts in a hundred.
A United States coin, the hundredth part of a dollar, formerly made of copper, now of copper, tin, and zinc.
Center Frequency Center block
a fractional monetary unit of several countries
a term used to describe a fraction of a musical interval
a unit of measuring intervals in music
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a welcome surprise to a Bobby Rush album
Keywords:  piquet, won, supposed, old, game
An old game at cards, supposed to be like piquet; -- so called because 100 points won the game.
Keywords:  fifty, gambling, wager, terms
In gambling terms, any wager under $100. I.e. fifty cents= $50.
Keywords:  acre, geological, survey, term
(geological survey term) 1/40th of an acre
Centare (CA)