Definitions for "Micrometer"
10-6 meter = 10-3 mm = 1000 nm.
One-millionth of a meter. It can also be expressed as 10-6 meter.
um A metric unit of length measurement= 1x10-6 meters or 0.000001 meters 4x10-5 inches or 0.00004 inches Human hair is approximately 20 micrometers in diameter
An instrument, used with a telescope or microscope, for measuring minute distances, or the apparent diameters of objects which subtend minute angles. The measurement given directly is that of the image of the object formed at the focus of the object glass.
A calibrated instrument for determining the thickness of paper or the packing of the plate and blanket. to top
Tool for measuring diameter of wire to accuracy of .0001
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Rotary Pumps, (B, C and D sizes); An optional micrometer scale assembly mounted to the Motor/Base Module. Used for position finding or fine adjustment and not for gross pump head movement.