Definitions for "Rod"
one of the two photoreceptors in the vertebrate eye that is responsible for night vision and black and white vision.
A rod-shaped photoreceptor in the retina of the eye that responds to low levels of illumination. Rods are located only outside of the fovea.
Light-sensitive, specialized retinal receptor cell that works at low light levels for night vision. A normal retina contains 150 million rods.
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A support for a fishing line; a fish pole.
An instrument for measuring.
A measure of length containing sixteen and a half feet; -- called also perch, and pole.
a clear or colored, solid cylindrical length of glass
A solid round section 0.375" or greater in diameter.
Thin stick of glass of a single colour. It is made by rolling a small gather of molten glass on a marver and then stretching it to the desired thinness. Rods may be moulded to give different shapes in cross-section (stars, hexagons, etc) but they are generally used in cylindrical form. Rods may be arranged in a pattern and fused together to make canes, cross-sections of which are used in millefiori and mosaic objects.
A straight and slender stick; a wand; hence, any slender bar, as of wood or metal (applied to various purposes).
A kind of sceptor, or badge of office; hence, figuratively, power; authority; tyranny; oppression.
Believed by some cryptozoologists to be an undiscovered life form, the "rod" is characterized by a slender, cylindrical body surrounded by a thin, undulating membrane which allows the creature to take flight. Ghost hunters sometimes use the term "rod" to describe an alleged ghostly form in photographs or video footage in which the suspected spirit appears as a slender column of light.
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ecord ecision, a written decision that identifies the selected method for long-term cleanup of contamination at a site.
An official document in which a deciding official states the alternative that will be implemented from a prepared EIS.
U.S. EPA CERCLA Records of Decision
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In Kenpo, we refer to a gun as a rod.
a gangster's pistol
Gun or pistol attack
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Rod, sometimes referred to simply as god (Div, Diy; in the Veda Slovena Diy or Dia), is probably the most ancient deity in the Slavic pantheon. It is likely that several other gods, most notably Svarog, were initially epithets or incarnations of Rod. Svarog Rod meant Heavenly Rod.
Rod is a fictional character from the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, Avenue Q. He was originally played on Broadway by puppeteer John Tartaglia, but is currently played by Howie Michael Smith.
Rods, a rather new entry in the field of Cryptozoology, are creatures said to flit about in the air at such a high speed as to not be seen by the naked eye. Rods appear to be observational artifacts produced by rapidly flying animals. Practically all sightings of rods are based on video evidence, due to the propensity of video cameras to produce characteristic stroboscopic artifacts when imaging rapidly flying animals, especially insects, but also including birds.
A plasterer's tool, generally a three to four foot metal straightedge used to straighten the fresh plaster face of walls and soffits.
A member used in tension, as for sustaining a suspended weight, or in tension and compression, as for transmitting reciprocating motion, etc.; a connecting bar.
Thin metal rod running from tension mechanism at base of stand up to top of stand.
a long thin implement made of metal or wood
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see connecting rod roller cam rotor RTV runner
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See bacillus.
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Rate Of Drowsiness
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(1) Another term for “Preform.” (2) A strength member inserted under the outer jacket along the length of a cable to provide rigidity.
straight, rigid piece of wood or metal.
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see sway
to occupy a beast that can hit you by healing or being healed faster than it can do damage to you; or, a group of healers healing each other to accomplish that
primarily consists of two halves that are referred to as blanks until guide eyelets are introduced to them.
An instrument of punishment or correction; figuratively, chastisement.
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any rod-shaped bacterium
Reporting obligations database
Report of Discrepancy
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A device that connects the bore area to the head of a cylinder unit.
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a square rod of land
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Register of Deeds
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An especially large penis