Definitions for "Mitigation Measures"
These measures are actions to be taken to offset the severity of an environmental impact. A noise barrier between a new highway and adjacent homes is an example of a mitigation measure.
Actions to avoid, minimize, reduce, eliminate or rectify the impact of a management practice.
Specific design commitments made with the resource agencies and other agencies during the environmental evaluation and study process that serve to moderate or lessen impacts derived from the proposed action. These measures may include planning and development commitments, environmental measures, and right-of-way improvements. These commitments are implemented during construction or post-construction.
(with respect to climate change) management measures or options for responding to climate change (as a result of increasing emissions of greenhouse gases) in which the growth of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere is slowed or reversed by limiting emissions of greenhouse gases or enhancement of greenhouse sinks; examples include re-afforestation, fuel switching from high to low carbon dioxide-emitting fuels and increased energy efficiency ( see adaptation measures)