Definitions for "EIR"
Environmental Impact Report. The analysis of a project's effect on transit, air quality, noise levels, etc.
Environmental Information Regulations. Came info force on 1 January 2005 and allow members of the public to request environmental information from public authorities. The Security Service is subject to the Regulations, but exemptions can be used when necessary.(See: Access to information).
Environmental Impact Report (addresses CEQA compliance)
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This is the burst capability of the connection, for instance, the maximum allowable data transfer rate.
Excess Information rate. On a frame relay data link connection; data transfer in bits per second that exceeds the Committed Information rate (CIR). Frame relay service providers usually try to transport customer data at a rate equal to the EIR, but only guarantee to transport it at the CIR 95% to 99% of the time.
Excess Information Rate. The amount of data in excess of the CIR that can be transferred, and is used for burst traffic support. Also see CIR.
(Entrepreneur in Residence) The leader of a team devoted to exploring and developing a specific new platform. The connecting tissue between the "core" pipeline of idea initiation and validation and the variable team that executes product lines. Responsible for vetting and validation, capabilities studies and solutions, business model and plan development and the mobilization of resources to build a market for the new platform.
Eir ("help" or "mercy" in Old Norse) is, in Norse mythology, a goddess of the Æsir who is called 'best of physicians' in the Edda. Eir is also counted among the Valkyries, connecting her to the ability to 'choose the slain' and awaken the dead. She was skilled at all kinds of healing, particularly herbcraft, and was even capable of resurrection.
Equipment Interchange Receipt. A document transferring a container from one carrier to another, or to/from a terminal.
Equipment Identification Register The EIR in a GSM Network stores the serial numbers (supplied by manufacturers) of the mobile terminals IMEI.
Source: DSMC Equipment Improvement Recommendation (Army)
Entomological Inoculation Rate = mas, where ma = number of mosquito bites per night and s = proportion of those bites positive for sporozoites.
Early Intervention Respite. A program for families with children under the age of 3 who are on an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) or Individual Interagency Intervention Plan (IIIP). Families are given a cash grant to use toward payment for respite care.
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See ERI.
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Enhanced infrared