Definitions for "Gait"
Keywords:  trot, canter, gallop, walk, pace
A going; a walk; a march; a way.
Manner of walking or stepping; bearing or carriage while moving.
A manner of moving the feet. A horse or pony has four gaits: walk, trot, canter and gallop.
Keywords:  tdma, gsm, interoperate, gprs, ansi
(GSM ANSI-136 Interoperability Team) a technology that enables GSM and TDMA networks to interoperate.
Cingular Wireless is pursuing the deployment of a TDMA/GSM offering that will allow both our GSM and TDMA customers to roam on each other's digital networks. A similar service already is deployed in the DCS markets, but only offers one way roaming from GSM to TDMA analog networks.
GSM/ANSI 136 Interoperability Committee GAP
Keywords:  healds, acquard, harness, looming, warp
General terms used to describe the positioning of the warp, healds. and reed in a loom, in readiness for weaving. Where drop wires are mounted on the warp during warp preparation, gaiting also includes the positioning of the drop wires. (See also looming.)
A full repeat of the draft in the healds, or in the case of acquard, in one complete row of the harness.
a characteristic limb coordination pattern used in locomotion
The pattern of locomotion. Alterations to this pattern may be altered weight distribution, lack of mobility in hips, knees, ankles or presence of a Trendelenburg sign.
The pattern of footsteps at various rates of speed, each pattern distinguished by a particular rhythm and footfall.
Transplantation Ornithine Tremor
Keywords:  retting, stood, flax, cone, loose
A large handful of loose, pulled flax, stood up on end in a cone form to dry. (See also retting.)
Glucosamine Chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial
Keywords:  gaet, gate, town, street, leading
( gaet), street leading to a gate of a town.
Keywords:  meisure, comb, blades, centres, thread
1. The distance between the centres of adjacent comb blades. 2. A meisure of the distance over which a thread is moved, e.g., 'two gaits' means across two comb spaces'.
Keywords:  dect, profile, access, generic, term
Generic Access Profile; a DECT term.
Genome Analysis of Agriculturally Important Traits