Definitions for "profile"
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This is a file that converts colour values in an image file to correct for the characteristics of a device handling the file. These files usually have the suffix .icm or .icc and are kept in a special folder on the computer.
A data file that describes the color behavior of a physical device (such as a scanner, monitor, or printer) or that defines the color of an abstract color space (such as Adobe RGB 1998 or ColorMatch RGB) in terms of a device-independent color model (such as CIELAB or CIE XYZ). Used by color-management systems to define and match color.
A file which describes, mathematically, how colors look on a particular model of printer, monitor, or scanner. Profiles are used by COLOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS to adjust the colors in an image as it passes from one kind of device to another, to make sure that the image looks the same on all the devices even though different devices may represent color differently.
An outline, or contour; as, the profile of an apple.
A section of any member, made at right angles with its main lines, showing the exact shape of moldings and the like.
A drawing exhibiting a vertical section of the ground along a surveyed line, or graded work, as of a railway, showing elevations, depressions, grades, etc.
A customized financial aid application form required at certain colleges in addition to the FAFSA, which collects supplemental financial information to determine eligibility for institutional aid.
An application administered by The College Scholarship Service. Many colleges require the Profile to consider students for institutional aid.
The secondary application for financial aid processed through the College Scholarship Service (CSS). This must be completed by all students who wish to receive aid other than Federal Stafford Loans.
A component with Trading Networks (TN) that defines and entity that can produce or consume documents that TN will process. The information includes identifiers (how to identify this entity), contact information, and, most importantly, delivery information such as URLs and FTP addresses that can be used to deliver documents.
Personal information about you that's stored with a merchant and usually consists of your address and shopping preferences, which makes it easier for merchants to tailor their services to your individual needs.
CLECs interested in doing business with Verizon are required to provide Local Services Profile data. Profile data includes information such as tax and fee exemptions, contact numbers, applications requested, and other data required to establish ordering capabilities and billing services to the CLEC.
A definition of customer preferences, behaviors or demographics.
Collection of data for a household or groups of households including but not limited to investment tendencies, average invested assets per micro neighborhood, estimated total assets per household, demographics, psychographics, and behavioral data.( Back to the top)
the attributes which contains data which is prefilled in to demographic fields automatically prior to the enter of manual demographic data.
A profile takes a part of the UML and extends it with stereotypes for a particular purpose.
A profile in the Unified Modeling Language provides a generic extension mechanism for building UML models in particular domains. Profiles are based on additional stereotypes and tagged values that are applied to elements, attributes, methods, links, and link ends. A profile is a collection of such extensions and restrictions that together describe some particular modeling problem and facilitate modeling constructs in that domain.
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A human head represented sidewise, or in a side view; the side face or half face.
A view of a portion of the Earth's surface terrain as seen from the side. A 3-dimensional drawing showing a cross-section of land-forms with more than one vertical view is called a block diagram.
The shape of a piece of trim as viewed from an end.
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An agreement specifying the use of Z39.50 to support a particular application, community, etc.
A subset of a technology that is tailored to meet specific functional requirements of a particular application community.
the statement of a function(s) and the environment within which it is used, in terms of a set of one or more standards, and where applicable, identification of chosen classes, subsets, options, and parameters of those standards; a set of implementor agreements providing guidance in applying a standard interoperably in a specific limited context.
Common characteristics of a group of subscribers
A list of characteristics that can be applied to a defined group. In sales, it is the characteristics that define and describe our ideal customers.
A biographical essay presenting the subject's most noteworthy characteristics and achievements.
A summary of a companys products and operations.
A profile is a page that displays summary info for a particular object in the Biozon database. Typically, they display the object's type (i.e. protein, structure, etc), its definition, and various quick summary items of interest for that object. Additionally, provide access to visualizations, descriptors that describe that object, related objects, and any other relevant information. Here is an example of a profile page.
written by a pre-approved couple waiting to adopt, this summary includes pictures and tells who they are, what their lives are like, and their plans for the future. Profiles are shown to birth parents when they are selecting an adoptive family for their child.
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Configuration information that describes a certain capability or setup; a prototype for configuration information or properties that are common to a group of machines or that apply to an application.
A profile is a set of APIs that, when combined with a configuration, target a specific vertical device market. See the Mobile Information Device Profile. A Profile is what J2ME developers really target when they write applications.
A specification of Java APIs promulgated by the Java Community Process that is intended to address a particular type of consumer electronic or embedded device. A Profile also specifies a particular Configuration.
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The aspect ratio of a tire.
All the aspects of an operative's or a target's overt physical or behavioral persona.
is located on your dashboard. Here you can change certain aspects of your login. This is also where you will find access to your Extended Menu Options.
The IBM Lotus Learning Management System supports two distinct kinds of profile: course profiles and user profiles. Back to top of glossary
Patterns of a user's activity which can detect changes in normal routines.
a file available to all user ID's that defines many of the default parameters, and most of the macronyms that are associated with SCRIPT.
A table that lists the frequencies of each amino acid in each position of protein sequence. Frequencies are calculated from multiple alignments of sequences containing a domain of interest. See also PSSM.
A position-specific scoring table that encapsulates the sequence information within complete alignments. Profiles define which residues are allowed at giver positions; which positions are conserved and which degenerate; and which positions, or regions, can tolerate insertions. In addition to data implicit in the alignment, the scoring system may include evolutionary weights and results from structural studies. Variable penalties are specified to weight against insertions and deletions occurring in secondary structure elements.
A profile is a table of position-specific scores and gap penalties, representing an homologous family, that may be used to search sequence databases (Ref.: , , ). In CLUSTAL-W-derived profiles those sequences that are more distantly related are assigned higher weights (, , ). Issues in profile-based database searching are discussed in Bork & Gibson (1996) .
The contour of the surface in a plane perpendicular to the surface. It is a two-dimensional plot of the data.
A graph of time versus temperature.
A graph upon which scores are plotted.
A profile is a collection of settings needed for sending text and picture messages. It is also a term for customized phone tones for different events and environments.
A set of functional standards selected to meet the requirements of an application.
the set of pages where a stumbler's personal information (if supplied) and statistics are published
A set of instructions specifying how to implement a service. For example, Bluetooth printer profile, would spell out what a Bluetooth printer needs to be able to do to perform properly.
Application that a Bluetooth device facilitates. For one device to communicate with another, the two devices must have a shared profile. For instance, to transfer files from one computer to another, both computers must feature the file transfer profile.
A formal description of the communications protocols and information used to implement a specific usage of Bluetooth. The use of Profiles provides
Model that looks like a conventional plane only "in profile" because its fuselage is flat. Less drag, more aerobatic.
A pattern or order indicating degree of resemblance to the six ideal models or types.
One method of making Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) is commonly referred to as profiling. In this technique a stereo pair of photographs is set up in a photogrammetric instrument and referenced to the ground using ground control points. After this process is completed the instrument automatically moves a computer cursor across the stereo model. As the cursor is being driven across the model, the operator controls the motion of the cursor while a recording device captures the elevation figures. Each swath across the stereo model is called a profile.
How much of a wheel comes into contact with the skating surface. There are narrow (elliptical) profiles, rounded profiles, and wide blunt profiles.
the surface roughness resulting from the surface preparation
Texture of surface, often describing steel surface.
the list of courses and the corresponding AHC that NTU agrees to deliver each year as part of the annual "Resource Agreement" with DEET. The university receives recurrent funding based on the profile.
Profile is a measure of the flatness of a magnetic stripe in a direction perpendicular to the long (top) edge of the card. Profile is measured in microns or microinches. The profile of the stripe can be concave or convex depending upon the type of stripe and construction of the card. The edges of the stripe can protrude. A bad profile can cause separation between parts of the stripe and parts of the magnetic head gap, causing reading and encoding failures.
A type of spotlight (qv), with an optical system rather like a projector which produces a narrow, hard-edged beam of light.
describes the externally-defined possible message flows across a BEEP channel.
The unique assemblage of alleles that defines an individual.
A profile is a named group of settings that define which items, the sort order, and quantity that are fetched from the Coranto database and formatted for presentation on a web site. See: Profiles Index
Picture of the layers (levels ) in a unit.
pictures and information that introduce a prospective adoptive family to birthparents.
In MPEG-2, a profile specifies syntax and processes such as picture types, scalability, and extensions.
Usually indicates the shape or design of a roofing product.
noun The thickness and shape of a wheel. E.g., racing wheels have a narrow, v-shaped profile.
The shape or design of the moulding, including all carved or grooved elements.
To analyze the execution of a program by counting the number of times it executes any given statement. An ideal profile is done by modifying the executable so that it contains instructions to count the entry to each basic block sampled profile is done by executing the unmodified executable under a monitor that interrupts it at regular intervals and records the point of execution at each interruption. A sampled profile emphasizes different kinds of behavior depending on the chosen sampling time base.
a file which contains the logic or flow of the WebKeystone application; stored in your WebKeystone File Space and accessed and edited using the WebKeystone File Manager.
macro file that is executed at the start of an editing session.
A coded list of depository item numbers received by a library, with dates receive and locations in the library. Used to extract GPO records corresponding to the documents in a library's collection so that they can be loaded into the online catalog.
The set of inter-related codes required by Innovative Interfaces to give form and function to the online catalog. Central has a profile; member libraries may have their own profile but in some cases codes must be the same as or correspond with those at Central. For further information, see the OhioLINK Policy Manual, and more particularly, the Uniform Profiling Guidelines.
An area Profile presents, in a tabular form, a range of key Indicators for a specific Data Zone, Ward, Scottish Parliamentary Constituency, Health Board, Local Authority and Scotland as a whole. This allows comparisons to be derived.
Chemical analysis of a wastestream required by TSDFs prior to acceptance for treatment or disposal.
A way of describing the typical or best customer for a specific product or service, as generated through Data Modeling. For example, a profile could tell you that your company’s typical customer is a woman of 35 to 54 years of age with an income of $100,000 plus.
Describes the make-up of readers of a publication. It tells you what proportion of its readers are in a particular target. Basic profiles are calculated by dividing specific target reach into the total readership of the publication.
An instance of the schema that describe capabilities for a specific device and network. A profile need not have all the attributes identified in the vocabulary/ schema.
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Depending on context, refers to either a functional profile for an ISO standard such as FTAM or a collection of ISO standards such as those defined in the U.S. GOSIP or MAP/TOP specifications.
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the set of statements that describe to the computer the type of security desired on an account and its files (also referred to as protection)
Describes the design of the panel (Clapboard, Dutch lap, Triple 3, etc.)
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A saved search strategy which can be run again & again. Confusion Note: Syn. Saved search
(Net8 Administrator's Guide; search in this book) [definition #2] (WebDB Tutorial Guide; search in this book)
(Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide; search in this book)
A profile is a graphic representation of individual or group scores. It provides a picture of the relative magnitude of scores.
A representation of somebody's face as seen from the side.
A profile based on the assessment results, which provides a clear visual check on each pupil’s performance in an assessment or series/battery of assessment. Performance in successive testings can be compared and skills can be contrasted with abilities. Quantitative Reasoning Recognising patterns and relationships between numbers and numerical information, and the ability to reproduce and extend them. Rank The position of a child in the ordering of a group according to test score. In a class of twenty-six pupils, for instance, they can be ranked from one to twenty-six on the basis of a test score.
1. The characteristics of a community, eg its population, levels of employment and unemployment, numbers of people on training courses. Building up a profile of an area may help to establish the need for a project. 2. Allocating the elements of a budget over the twelve months of the financial year, eg a workers salary will be profiled evenly but costs for producing publicity materials may be profiled to specific months according to the project milestones.
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The lengths of PVCu used to make windows
Widest point on the outside of the Catheter shaft where the balloon is attached, when the balloon is deflated
The position of the aircraft during an approach or departure in terms of altitude above the runway and distance from the runway end.
A description of baseline data which reflects current information and depicts change as the school/district works toward its improvement goals. Basic elements include indicators of student outcomes and student behavior; effective instructional practices; school climate; community and parent attitudes and involvement; staff development priorities, attitudes, and perceptions; employer feedback; and community attitudes about the educational program.
your profile on MySpace, which includes text, hyperlinks, images and videos.
Those behaviors displayed by an expert
A collection and/or display (e.g., a written or graphical descrription) of the signatures an patterns of an individual or organization.
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See: Config
See slope profile
Type of call that a videoconference connects with.
The documented and prioritised overall assessment of the range of specific risks faced by the organisation.
A structured definition of the content and format by a participating institution for OCLC products. During the profiling process OCLC assigns symbols to institutions.
See definition for: document profile
Height of a cap's crown. Low-profile is approximately 3.5". Regular profile is approximately 3.75". Pro-style is somewhere in-between the two.
A means by which viewers to a channel, programme or day-part may be broken down across a single variable such as age or class, always totalling 100
Forecast timing of project expenditure, triggers advance payment
a prohibition from certain types of military duty due to injury or disability
Profiles are a collection of individual rights. They are divided into archive profiles and function profiles. They can contain either administrative rights or access rights, e.g. to a file cabinet.
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One of the four major areas of Best 4 Diabetes, profile let's you customize Best 4 Diabetes for your own needs.
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See directory integration profile
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Full name of the profile.
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See Risk profile.
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See " Report."
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See service profile.